If you don't love then you don't really live

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It's not that often that you find a person who is so special to you and means the world to you that you would give anything to keep them and make them happy. When that person comes into your life, your life change; their life becomes yours and yours become theirs. You two become one and that person becomes your life. Now you are sitting on top of the world without a care in the world. Your life is complete, but... does your new found life feel the same way?

As you sit back and take a look at your life, you can't help but to think of how much you are in love with your life. It is a life that you truly treasure and want to keep. By no means is your life perfect, but it's yours, and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

Again, your life my not be perfect, but it is yours. The love of your life shows you the world and makes you feel safe and secure. They take care of you when you are sick and wipe away your tears when you are sad. What would you do without the love of your life? The truth of the matter is... you wouldn't have a life. Your life allows you to breathe, allows you to love, and allows you to live.

When times get rough, the love of your life is right by your side riding the same rollercoaster of a road with you. Your life is your co-pilot and helps guide you though those rough times. When you need a shoulder, your life is there, when you need it to listen, it listens, and when it needs you to listen, you listen.

Who can really complain about such a wonderful life? Any person in their right mind would love to be in your shoes. You are sitting on the top of the world. A relationship has never been this great and you are enjoying it to the fullest. Everything is perfect, so you thought until the day the love of your life needed to listen... so you listened. As happy as you are with your life, your life is not as happy with you. You feel so connected with your life, but your life feels disconnected from you. Feeling very helpless and speechless, all you can do is sit and continue to listen. The love of your life really had a lot to say to you; some of it hurtful, but true.

When your life becomes uncomfortable or feels disconnected, you become sad, you become depressed, you become lonely. The last thing you want to do is to make the love of your life sad and miserable. So you asked yourself, "What have I done for my life lately?" "Have I provided the same love and security to the love of my life that it provided me with?" "Have I given my all to my life as my life has given to me?" Needless to say..., you probably didn't like your answers.

As great as your life is to you, you realized that you are not as equally as great to it. At times, you tend to neglect the love of your life and not pay attention to the little things that affects your life. You realized you haven't given the same love and security to your life that it has constantly given you. Sometimes you even take them for granted, assuming that the love of your life is feeling just a good about things as you are. What hurts most is that you have not given your all to your life the way my life has given their all to you.

Bottom line, yes you love your life. You even treasure your life, but you haven't given your life what it has given you. That special person only comes in your life once in a lifetime. You must take care of them and give them everything they to need to keep them happy and make them complete before one day you look up and your life is gone.